Katy Perry announced a new line of spring shoes. In an amazing and colorful photo shoot, Katy puts her best foot forward as she unveils the relaunch of her shoe capsule.

The 37-year-old singer originally revealed the  Katy Perry Collections  footwear range in 2017. However, she stayed away from that business for the next few years until, after buying back the name last year, she relaunched a new spring collection.

The musical star presented a new line of shoes and sandals that go perfectly with her style and the season of the year that has just begun.

Katy presents her signature ‘Geli’ sandals, embellished with seashells and bananas. She also features strappy sandals as well as small heels, wedges, and platforms.

The star chose to present her original and colorful models with a session worthy of her style. The images were shot in Los Angeles by Christine Hahn and styled by Tatiana Waterford.

Among them, we see Katy pose in a kind of mounted beach and a green space surrounded by plants. There are also other “California Girls” style postcards with colorful orange and multicolored backgrounds where she poses sitting on garish couches.

Katy Perry Shoe Collection

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