Karol G, a reggaeton barbie, and Aldo Ranks as a Panamanian Ken, in the official video of Watiti.

Karol G

Karol G

The song is part of the soundtrack of the movie Barbie, which opens in theaters in July. The soundtrack includes songs by artists such as Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, Ryan Gosling.

Aldo Ranks has officially arrived in BarbieLand. This Thursday, June 15, the official music video for Watiti, the new song by Karol G together with Panamanian singer Aldo Ranks for the soundtrack of the movie Barbie, starring Margot Robbie, was released.

Watititi is part of the soundtrack of the film, which opens in theaters on July 21. The track is included in Barbie: The Album, a record production with songs by artists such as Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, Ryan Gosling, and others. The album will be released in conjunction with the film and was produced by Grammy and Oscar-winning musician and music producer Mark Ronson.

In the Watiti music video, Karol G becomes a reggaeton Barbie and Aldo Ranks becomes a Panamanian Ken.

In the clip, full of pink and tributes to Barbie, the Colombian artist wears different changes of clothes referring to the wardrobe used by the doll in the movie. Among them, the singer wears a beach-style skater outfit (referring to an outfit worn by Margot Robbie in one of the scenes of the film). Then, she is seen wearing a futuristic pink hoop piece that references space Barbie.

In the video Karol G, who also sports a pastel pink mane, also appears in a steamy green princess-cut dress inside a Barbie box.

She also wears a recreation of the iconic black and white striped swimsuit, but this time with lots of glitter, worn by the first Barbie doll, launched in 1959.

“The scene with the green dress reminds me of when I was little, when my mom wouldn’t let me take the Barbies out of the box to play because she wanted to give them a haircut and change their look right away,” Karol G wrote on her social networks after announcing the launch of the video “The truth is, it’s a dream to be part of this project,” she added.

Aldo Ranks makes his appearance during the video wearing a set of jacket, sweater and pants, all in black, but you can notice some pink details on the inside of his jacket.

Watiti is the second single released by the film’s production in anticipation of Barbie’s premiere. The song Dance The Night, by Dua Lipa, was the first piece of Barbie: The Album to be released as a soundtrack.

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