• Rapper Kanye West says he can feel the pain of people in the UK following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, apparently comparing the loss of the monarch to the current situation in his life. Although it is not certain if he is referring to his late mother, Donda West, or her divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Last Thursday, September 8, the longest-living monarch in history, Elizabeth II, passed away at her Scottish residence in Balmoral, surrounded by her closest circle at the age of 96.

The unexpected news undoubtedly created a strong impact worldwide and a feeling of deep grief among the British, and it is surprising that the one who feels a lot of empathy for the event is Kanye West , as he assures that he can feel the pain of the people in the United Kingdom.

That is what he implied in a message he posted on his social networks written in his characteristic style in capital letters and indicating: “London I know how you feel. I also lost my queen.”

It was unclear if he was referring to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian , who divorced him and began dating “SNL” comedian Pete Davidson, or his mother, Donda West, who died in 2007 the day after undergoing surgery. a liposuction, abdominoplasty and breast reduction.

Shortly after Buckingham Palace announced the death of Britain’s longest-serving monarch , Kanye also claimed the historic moment had given him a new perspective and vowed to “release all hard feelings.”

She shared photos of the monarch when she was younger and captioned her post: “Life is precious. Releasing all grudges today. Leaning on the light.

The post also comes days after Kanye attended ‘Good Morning America’ for an interview in which he apologized to Kim Kardashian for “any stress it caused her” since their breakup.

Asked if platforms like Instagram and Twitter are more “harmful or beneficial” in general, Kanye responded, “That’s one of my favorite questions from this interview. I mean, we can use a car to drive someone to the hospital, or we can use a car and accidentally hit someone while we’re driving someone to the hospital. So it all depends on how we use it.”

Although one of the issues that drew the most attention was that Ye confirmed that he still maintains his interest in holding a political office, after he ran for the US presidential election in 2020 with a failed candidacy that was only valid for one handful of states.



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