A few days ago it was reported that last week, Jennifer Lopez was caught having dinner with Alex Rodríguez at the Hotel Bel-Air, right where their first date was in 2017.

It is said that only a day before Ben Affleck was seen arriving at the same hotel where he left his car and minutes later he was picked up by the singer’s truck to be transferred to his mansion.

In February of last year, Ben Affleck gave an interview to the program El Gordo y La Flaca where he was questioned about his relationship with the star and how much he admires her: “I like Jennifer Lopez a lot, it’s a very good thing for I know that now he has the respect he deserves ”, he commented on that occasion.

The actor was also encouraged to send him good wishes for his commitment to Alex Rodríguez: “She is also a very good woman. And it seems that she is very happy now with her boyfriend, I wish him the best with his new marriage, “said Affleck.

While Lopez assured that her breakup with Affleck was a very hard situation for her: “It was probably my first great heartbreak,” JLo confessed in October 2004 to the presenter Marria Shriver, on the Today program.

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