Instagram welcomes Jay-Z. And within hours of his debut he already had almost two million followers, although he only follows one person: Beyonce. And she returned the favor by doing the same. The only one who now follows. Sure, they are husbands.

In his first post, the American rapper shares an image of the new movie he has produced: “The Harder They Fall” which premieres on Netflix this Wednesday. The singer, dancer and actress has also shared the image through IG Stories.

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Jay-Z produced the film starring Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King .

Shortly after opening his Instagram account, Jay-Z amassed 1.9 million followers, one of whom was singer Beyoncé, his wife of 13 years.

Proving it wasn’t an accident, Beyoncé also shared Jay-Z’s first Instagram Story, which was a countdown to the movie’s premiere.

However, fans were left confused after his account disappeared after just one day.

As long as the account existed, Jay-Z was the only person Beyoncé followed. His profile picture is a picture of him when he was young.

After the storm, calm has come to this marriage, which was in danger in some stages. It is a surviving couple of male infidelity.

After situations that almost threw the marriage overboard, the reconciliation is evident and they show that they are more united than ever.

Jay-Z and Beyonce make up a famous couple from the jet-setting world. They married in 2002 and have had three children: Blue Ivy, again years, and twins Sir and Rumi, four.

The rapper’s mysterious appearance on the social network caused a stir among his fans and those of Beyoncé For years, Jay-Z avoided joining Instagram and refused to create his own account on the famous social network because he has always kept his personal life very hermetic, so his arrival on the platform caused a stir.

During the afternoon of November 2, the rapper appeared on Instagram with his own account with the poster of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall , a film he produced and which features the performances of Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King.

In a matter of hours, Jay-Z managed to obtain 1.9 million followers, highlighting the follow of his wife, Beyoncé, who drew attention for never granting anyone the honor of following them, no matter who it was , but this time the The singer even shared in his stories the image of the film made by his partner.

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Despite the fact that the interpreter did not become the person who obtained a million followers the fastest – that record is held by NCT’s Teil, who achieved it in an hour and 45 minutes – Beyoncé had never given that long-awaited follow.

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