Hollywood actor and who plays the character “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman announced that he is divorcing Deborra-Lee Furness. The news took everyone by surprise. They have almost 30 years together!

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their divorce in a year that has seen more celebrity breakups than usual. Many fans were shocked by the news because they thought their marriage was one of the strongest in Hollywood.

After 27 years of marriage and 28 years of dating, the couple decided to end their seemingly unbreakable love story. Hugh and Deborra-Lee had been passionately commemorating their wedding anniversary and sharing special moments until recently.

From the beginning of their relationship, when Hugh was a budding actor and Deborra-Lee was already a household name in the Australian entertainment industry, the public saw them as a close and complicit couple.

Hugh’s health problems, who played Wolverine, which included skin cancer, and the actor’s difficult relationship with his mother were just two of the significant difficulties this couple had to face over the years. However, they had always shown signs of a strong bond and unbreakable love.

Hugh Jackman’s divorce takes Hollywood by surprise

The news of the divorce shocked the entertainment industry because many people thought that Hugh and Deborra-Lee had a solid and long-lasting relationship. The couple, who had two children together, Oscar, 23, and Ava, 18, had worked together both personally and professionally throughout their careers. Deborra-Lee had played a supporting role in Hugh’s acting career.

“We have been blessed with nearly three decades as husband and wife in a wonderful and loving marriage. We have decided to separate to pursue our individual growth as our path has changed. Our family has always come first and we will continue to prioritize it. We welcome this new chapter with gratitude, love and kindness. We sincerely appreciate your respect for our right to privacy as our family makes this transition in all of our lives. No additional statements will be made in this regard, according to the statement signed by Deb and Hugh Jackman,” the statement read.

This news is made even more shocking by the fact that Hugh and Deborra-Lee had recently maintained a joint public presence by attending events such as the MET Gala and Wimbledon together. Hugh dedicated a touching message to his wife on social media in April on the occasion of their 27th wedding anniversary, thanking her for all her support over the years.

How did Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman meet?

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness met in 1995 while filming the series Corelli, which marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. Hugh was just beginning his acting career at the time, while Deborra-Lee was already a well-known actress. Despite their disparities in age and experience, they clicked instantly and their relationship began right then and there.

The couple’s split has touched their fans and reminds us that celebrities, even Hollywood celebrities, live lives as normal as everyone else’s and that neither money nor fame guarantees happiness.

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