Hanadi Muhanna

Hanadi Muhanna on her weight loss: “They used to make me feel that I was cheating and underestimating their food, and I was depressed from the bullying.”

Actress Hanadi Muhanna revealed that she was subjected to a lot of bullying and negative criticism about her appearance and extra weight, which affected her psychologically and was behind her tendency to diet and lose weight.

Hanadi said during her hosting on the “Massa dmc” program with the media, Rami Radwan: “I was receiving silly comments.. They made me feel that I was cheating and underestimating their honor.. Not for myself and my appearance.. I looked like I was eating more.”

For his part, the artist Ahmed Zaher, who participated in Hanadi’s appearance on the program, commented: “I was also subjected to such ridiculous comments because of my weight. I was cheating.

Hanadi is co-starring with the artist Ahmed Zaher, a story from the series “Wara Kel Bab”, which was recently shown.

Actress Hanadi Muhanna had sparked controversy months ago because of her amazing weight loss in a short period, and a new block appeared that dazzled her fans, as she was distinguished by her wonderful appearance and unprecedented agility.

Hanadi Muhanna
A new photo of the artist Hanadi Muhanna

Dr. Osama Taha, a world-class obesity surgery consultant, had recently explained that Hanadi had lost about 30 kilograms of weight in a short period, by following the best international standards to provide the best medical service.

It is noteworthy that Hanadi is co-starring in the movie “The Night of the Feast” written by Ahmed Abdullah, in which some of his scenes were filmed recently and talks about the oppression of women in general, and its events take place in one day, between the day of the stand and the first day of the Eid, and it reviews many aspects of the oppression that falls on women Through several stages, including childhood and youth.

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