The explosive theory that claims that Shakira and Lewis Hamilton would have met thanks to Gerard Piqué: “He was a friend”.

What would be the couple of the moment would have had their first approaches by the player’s relationship with the pilot

Shakira continues to be the focus of attention of the press after her separation from footballer Gerard Piqué. Although she has already started “a new life” in Miami, USA, the attention is still focused on every step taken by the artist, who recently released her single “Acróstico”, with her two children.

Recently, Shakira surprised everyone with her return to Barcelona (Spain), just two months after leaving the city with her sons Milán and Sasha. According to what was known, the barranquillera arrived to the European territory to leave the children to her ex, according to their custody agreements.

According to Spanish media, the Colombian’s children will enjoy most of the summer vacations with their father, according to the resolution reached by the former couple during the separation.

Now, she is expected to arrive in the next few hours to Cartagena, since she will return to Colombia to take care of her father, William Mebarak Chadid, after an operation to be performed at the Serena del Mar Clinic.

Shakira traveled to Barcelona with her children

Shakira traveled to Barcelona with her children

When did Shakira and Lewis Hamilton meet?

In the 13 years that Shakira lived in Barcelona she was never seen at a Formula 1 race. However, according to journalist Jordi Martin, the Colombian would have met Lewis Hamilton through Piqué, since the soccer player would have been a friend of the British driver.

“People wonder how long they have known each other, well, Hamilton was a friend of Gerard Piqué”, said Martin for the program El Gordo y la Flaca.

To prove his theory, the journalist showed a photo in which the athletes are seen walking together in what would be a Formula 1 race. However, the context of the photo is unknown, so it could be a casual encounter.

The truth is that there are already several occasions in which Shakira has been seen sharing with Hamilton. First, they were seen at a race in Miami, then at a restaurant in the same city and, in addition, they were photographed on a yacht.

Now, the singer of “Te felicito” makes a fourth appearance with the Formula 1 racer, this time in Barcelona, where they not only shared during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, but also in an exclusive restaurant and a bar in the city.

Although for many the public appearances of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton suggest that they are a couple or are in “talks” to become one, others simply consider that they are a sign of the good friendship between the Colombian and the Briton.

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