Danna Paola and Belinda they share the same look. Who fits better?”, Wrote several profiles. There is even a comment from fellow singer Christian Nodal, fiancé of Belinda, in which he wrote:

“Reyna, everything suits you better than anyone.”

However, especially on Twitter, users rejected these comparisons and competitions and recalled that both posed together a few months ago to show that they are not enemies.

“I’m not a fan of Belinda and Danna Paola but the war that the fandoms have seems a little pathetic, the truth is when the two have been working since babies until now, despite everything, both have a lot of merit and if you don’t want to see it, then you are blind,” shared a Twitter user.

“You creating rivalry between Danna Paola and Belinda and they even borrow their clothes. They are like sisters,” said another. During the Spotify Awards, in March 2020, the artists posed together and starred in a historic photograph that they both shared along with the phrase “women are here to support each other, not to compete”.

So far, neither of the two has commented on the wardrobe match, although Danna Paola is not among the 149 people followed by Belinda on Instagram and the one born in Spain is among the 1,117 followed by the Mexican.

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