Alba Baptista: The Woman Who Captured ‘Captain America’s’ Heart

Who is Alba Baptista, the woman who allegedly married Chris Evans, ‘Captain America’?
Chris Evans allegedly walked down the aisle with his girlfriend Alba Baptista, last September 9, in a secret ceremony in Boston. We tell you who is the woman who ended the bachelorhood of ‘Captain America’.

Over the past weekend, Page Six published that actor Chris Evans allegedly married in a secret ceremony with his girlfriend Alba Baptista, with whom he has had a discreet relationship on social networks.

In November 2022, a source told People that Christopher -as is his first name- was dating Alba for “more than a year” and since then she began to talk a little more about her, although she is also an actress and model with a career.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Who is Alba Baptista?

The young woman was born on July 10, 1997 in Lisbon, Portugal. Her mother is from Portugal and her father from Brazil. She speaks native Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and French.

Her acting career began in 2014 in Portuguese soap operas such as: A Impostora, Filha da Lei, A Criação and Jogo Duplo, but she made her debut in an international project was with Netflix’s Warrior Nun in 2020.

What is known about her relationship with Chris Evans?

Rumors of romance between ‘Captain America’ and the model began to sound in January 2022, but followers of Evans ensure that since 2020 he began to follow her on Instagram. However, it would have been until 2021, at a time when both were in Europe working on separate projects, that she would have followed him.

The exact date when the relationship began is unknown, but it was until November 2022 that People published that the histrions had “more than a year” of love affair. They have shared very few photos on social networks together, even Chris Evans deactivated his Instagram account a few weeks ago.

Did they get married in secret?

Chris and Alba reportedly walked down the aisle last September 9 in a “hermetically sealed” ceremony at the actor’s home in Massachusetts, Boston.

The Page Six insider said that guests allegedly had to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to attend the ceremony between the 42-year-old actor and the 26-year-old actress.

It was also learned that among the selective guest list were family and friends, including several of ‘Captain America’s’ Marvel co-stars.

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