Wearing sports leggings Carmen Villalobos shows off her figure while doing exercises with pulleys

Carmen Villalobos showed in several Instagram videos the strenuous workout routines she performs at the gym; the actress already has over 22 million followers on that social network

Little by little Carmen Villalobos has transformed her body thanks to the routines she performs at the gym, and now she posted videos that show her doing exercises to strengthen her arms, shoulders and back, using the apparatus with pulleys. The clips also show her new look with blonde hair.

Wearing a black top and leggings, Carmen posed with her trainer and wrote a message to her fans: “To see results you have to have discipline! And it applies to everything in life my beautiful people”.

Carmen Villalobos 3 Carmen Villalobos 2

Carmen also shared a selfie showing the results of all these days of efforts; recently she commented on how it was to return to the gym after months of not working out due to traveling: “It’s amazing how the body responds, how it has memory, then you feel too motivated to keep on giving. It is also impressive how you start to see the changes.

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