Camila Cabello has become an inspiration for millions of fans , as the singer has not only shown impressive artistic talent, but has also made it clear that she is willing to highlight her style without neglecting her message of self-love.

Camila Cabello haircut

The singer is characterized by having an extravagant style in which she mixes trends and different looks, she also plays with the times and bets on outfits inspired by past decades.

This was demonstrated in her most recent publications, in which she showed himself with a look that reminds us of the 80s , as he highlighted the color black with a rebellious style and also wore a mullet haircut.

This hair style has become a trend in recent months and is characterized by having several layers that add volume and movement to the top of the hair, in addition to having a frayed fringe.

Camila wore this style accompanied by a tight dress with several openings throughout the body such as on the sides of the legs, on the sleeves and on the upper part of the chest.

The famous complemented the look with a makeup in which the protagonist was a classic black cat eye liner and nude lips.

Camila Cabello dazzles as a rock star

In a second image, the interpreter shows a second total black outfit , this time with a classic blazer, but with transparencies at the bottom

In addition, she wore a high bikini combined with fishnet stockings and a metal chain that gave her a much more rock style.

This style demonstrates the artist’s ability to vary her looks, as she is capable of playing with styles from other eras and walking through elegance, the classic and the urban.

This is demonstrated in another publication in which she wears a style more similar to that used in the first decade of the 2000s with a suit full of glitter, hairstyle with spikes and sunglasses.

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