BTS: Meet Jungkook's exercise routine | VIDEO

BTS: Meet Jungkook’s exercise routine | VIDEO

Jeon Jungkook, member and vocalist of BTS, he is not only talented and charming but also very active and athletic. The young idol enjoys exercising either with routines in the gym, practicing some sports or doing some physical activity.

A healthy life is extremely important as well as doing sports and some other healthy habits that will help your body to be at its maximum potential to do everything you set out to do. A balanced diet, drinking water, wearing sunscreen, and doing an exercise routine can change anyone’s life.

Jungkook is known to be the most sporty fan in the boyband. From a young age, he began to perform exercise routines along with his dance workouts and preparation for BTS performances, which demand a great amount of energy and discipline.

ARMY jokes a lot about how passionate Jungkook is about the sport:

Videos of Jungkook’s boxing workouts

Jungkook not only has an exercise routine that suits his time, goals, and characteristics, but he does sports like boxing. He himself has stated how enthusiastic he is to exercise and recently shared videos of himself during his workouts. These videos have ended up conquering and motivating many ARMYs to exercise.

Exercise routine: What exercises does Jungkook do?

Due to the results and the great physique that the artist came to look like after his workouts, ARMY was curious about the routine Jungkook followed. It was thus that thanks to the video of RUN BTS EP.7 and due to an oversight behind the scenes, it was possible to take a screenshot of Jungkoook’s exercise routine, which was recommended by his personal trainer.

This routine has been replicated by ARMY and several YouTubers who point out that it is very tiring but efficient. Also, following an investigation by ARMY, this routine is suspected to be part of Jungkook’s warm-up and not a full workout as believed.

It should be noted that we recommend that exercise be accompanied by a balanced diet, preferably indicated by a nutritionist and also remember to drink the appropriate amount of water per day. Lastly, don’t forget to warm up for 10 minutes before exercising.

Here we share Jungkook’s routine:

If you want to follow it to the letter, we leave you a guided tutorial on YouTube.

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