Jennie and G-Dragon

Blackpink’s G-Dragon and Jennie are dating

Relationship between rapper G-Dragon (from Big Bang ) and Jennie , member of the international female group Blackpink.

According to the site, last January the interpreter was captured leaving GD’s exclusive apartment in the Hannam-dong area. The site even claims that the 24-year-old singer has spent the night with the 32-year-old also.

Where did the romance between G-Dragon and Jennie come from?

According to the report, the singer left the building on January 31 , when Blackpink presented her concert online.

The love story between the two Korean idols would have started in 2012 , when the then aspiring artist met G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, real name), when she participated as the female lead of “That XX”, the rapper’s solo album.

Once again Dispatch makes a big impact with its revelations . Now they reported that BLACKPINK singer Jennie and G-Dragon would be dating, after presenting photos that would demonstrate their closeness.

After analyzing the activity routines, the Korean medium showed that both the K-pop idol and the leader of BIGBANG shared activities in the YG building very often, even when the quartet had nothing on the agenda, the alleged couple would have met in secret.

Among the revelations, Dispatch indicated with photographs that Jennie left G-Dragon’s house on the day BLACKPINK hosted The show .

“On the 31st of last month, online concert. That morning, she left his house and went to the theater. “

They also maintained that the majority of workers in their company know. Even friends and workers close to the idols confirmed their testimonies.

At the close of the report, the Korean media said: “Whenever a rumor of a relationship arose, G-Dragon kept silent. However, the relationship between the two and witnessed by Dispatch is an obvious one. We look forward to a great confirmation from the company regarding the sunbae and hobbae courtship. “

After the news broke about the alleged relationship between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and G-Dragon , YG Entertainment released a statement, saying that it could not intercede in the lives of its artists.

“It is difficult for the company to confirm the personal life of the artist. Please, understand”.

Jennie and G-Dragon in “That XX”

The first time Jennie and G-Dragon had something to talk about was when the BLACKPINK artist starred in the rapper’s MV “That XX”.

At the time of filming the music video, Jenny was a YG trainee prior to her debut.

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