The accolades for Benito Martinez better known as Bad Bunny, They don’t stop adding. It was not enough to be the leader in the nominations of the next Latin Grammy 2022, los American Music Awards but also Apple Music has given him the Artist of the Year award to the exponent of urban genre.

Although his artistic career has generated endless successes. Definitely, “A summer without you managed to become the most precious work of Bad Bunny until now. Today Apple Music recognizes him by giving him an award for having the most Played Album on the platform and also the Biggest Latin Album of all times.

“We are delighted to celebrate Bad Bunny’s achievements whose influence on every corner of culture cannot be ignored in 2022,” said Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Apple Music and Beats of Apple.

In addition, on their Instagram account they posted a couple of photos of the star and wrote: “Bad Bunny has become a symbol of Latin culture’s migration into the global mainstream, reshaping the look, sound and feel of modern pop simply by following its own muse. The Puerto Rican superstar is from Apple Music.”

After the news was made public, the Puerto Rican artist took turns and sent a message of thanks: “I am grateful for everything I have achieved and everything I have experienced. The Latin music movement has grown a lot. He would never take all the credit or say, “It’s because of me.” No, it’s each one of us. A whole generation. Our energy and presence are always felt”, said one of the world’s most recognized artists, “The Bad Rabbit”.

It must be made known that this would not be the first award received by the interpreter of “Titi Me Preguntó” by the prestigious digital platform. Other recognitions that Bad Bunny has are:

-He is the greatest artist of all time for streams worldwide.
-“A summer without you” is the most played Latin album of all time.
-The song “Moscow Mule” holds the record for the biggest Latin song of all time worldwide for streams on its first day.
-22 Bad Bunny songs have reached the Daily Top 100 Global. This breaks the record for the most simultaneous entries by a single Latin artist.
-Bad Bunny has reached the first place of the Daily Top 100 in 34 countries and is the only Latin artist to do so.
-44 songs by the artist have reached the daily Top 100 in various countries.
-3 of his songs have reached number one on the global chart, a record among Latin artists.

Here we leave the topic “The blackout” where Bad Bunny he talks about his native island Puerto Rico.

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