Anitta makes an impact in bikini at Louis Vuitton fashion show with Maluma and J Balvin

Latinos lit up the Louis Vuitton Men fashion show in Paris! Anitta arrived in bikini and cargo pants, Maluma showing skin and J Balvin with a new look to support musician Pharrel Williams.

The Louis Vuitton design brand threw a tremendous party to welcome musician Pharrel Williams as creative director of the men’s line. Of course, many Latin artists and great representatives of the brand were present, such as Anitta, J Balvin, Tokischa Popola and Maluma, among hundreds of other stars.

Of course, Anitta, loyal lover of designer houses, drew attention again, this time for arriving with a bikini between yellow cross and a denim suit with the monogram of Louis Vuitton. A pair of 90’s style platform sandals adorned her feet. Her best friend counterparts J Balvin and Maluma were also present with her.

The Louis Vuitton Men spring 2024 collection by Pharrel Williams is the first in this new adventure she has embarked on. The fashion show was held at the Pont Neuf in Paris and the campaign starred Rihanna. This puts artists of color on another pedestal and also Latinos who left the name of Hispanics very high.

Anitta Bikini

Anitta Makes Impact in Bikini at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show with Maluma and J Balvin

Anitta, Maluma, and J Balvin Set the Stage on Fire at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, Flaunting Their Style and Friendships

Of course the Latinos made it very clear that their blood is hot, as well as their bodies. Anitta came in showing skin. Maluma, of course, was not left behind. Let’s remember that between the interpreter of “Envolver” and “Hawaii” there is a close friendship and she has always said that he would be her perfect partner, although her heart is busy at the moment.

The “Don Juan” and the “Brazilian Girl” were then joined by the interpreter of “In Da Ghetto”. Both of them were wearing green dresses, showing skin like Anitta and with lots of jewels and sparkles, as it is customary among the urban genre.

In addition to them, Toksicha, as mentioned, was also among the guests. It is no secret the growth that the singer has had, especially after she made the collaboration with Madonna. Big name artists such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar (who sang alongside Naomi Campbell), Kim Kardashian and Lenny Kravitz were also there.

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