“Karol has been a tremendous honor for me. And I told you that you are always in my heart and what we live together is never forgotten, they are an incredible generation,” the guest replied.

Through her social media accounts, Karol G thanked Anahí for her presence at her concert. “That stage, tonight was completely yours and my heart too! THANK YOU!”

And it is that according to the Colombian singer, interpreting the RBD single next to the Mexican actress was a dream come true not only for her but for an entire generation. “I LOVE YOU Anahí. I love you in the purest, most real and genuine way. Today you fulfilled my dream and that of a whole generation …”.

For its part, Anahí also thanked the Colombian interpreter for the invitation to the stage and the reception he received from the attendees. “I don’t even know how to explain… They gave my heart 100 years of life. I will never forget it”; she wrote her on social networks.

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