To do this, Alex Rodriguez has published a couple of images that make his elegance and attractiveness clear: in one of them he appears with a classic suit with a matching tie and in the other with a very similar outfit but with a partially shirt open and without a tie.

In the two photos the former athlete appears in the city of London, although it is unknown if these are old photos or if he is really spending a few days in the British capital.

“What suits me better? Dressed for business or for cocktail hour? Tell me,” he wrote in the description of his post, which has already generated more than 100,000 ‘likes’ and countless comments praising how well he looks with both.

As expected, there have also been some funny comments about his return to singleness, after his recent separation from Jennifer Lopez, and even hateful comparisons with Ben Affleck, with whom the Bronx diva would now live an unexpected romance.

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