Twitter Inc on Thursday rejected claims by Elon Musk that he was misled into signing the social media company’s purchase agreement in a Delaware court filing, saying they were “implausible and contrary to fact.”

Musk made those claims in a countersuit that he filed under seal last Friday and was made public Thursday.

“According to Musk, he – billionaire founder of multiple companies, advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers – was tricked by Twitter into signing a merger agreement for 44,000 million dollars. A story is as far-fetched and contrary to the facts as it seems “Says the document registered in the court and published by Twitter on Thursday.

Twitter’s claim is the latest move in what is becoming a major legal showdown between the world’s richest person and the social media giant.

Musk agreed to the Twitter purchase on April 25, however, he attempted to back out on July 8 without paying a $1 billion breakup fee, claiming that Twitter had failed to provide details about the prevalence of bot and spam accounts.

Twitter sued him four days later, accusing him of sabotaging the operation because it no longer served his interests, and demanding that he complete it. The trial is scheduled for October 17.

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