Transformational leadership starts with oneself

According to Angeles Ojkeda, CEO of AO Headhunter, employees are looking for more than a job; they want purpose, growth and fulfillment.

I have a confession to make. When I was just starting my business, I was wrong many times. Hundreds of times I had to learn from my failures and get up after falling, but I never gave up. I forged myself as a leader through bruises, scrapes and a stubbornness that was fueled by pride that wouldn’t let me throw in the towel.

To be a successful leader, you need two things: a strong and committed team; and an exemplary leadership capable of creating spaces for innovation, anti-fragility and boosting employee loyalty and commitment.

The problem is that the rate of job dissatisfaction in Mexico exceeds 33% of employees, while 45% of the international average indicated that they would leave their jobs for better opportunities.

According to Angeles Ojkeda, CEO of AO Headhunter, employees are looking for more than a job, they want purpose, growth and fulfillment. This only reflects that we leaders are failing in our mission; and in creating spaces where the team can develop professionally, innovate and feel fulfilled.

How can we improve our leadership skills, as well as retain and reinforce employee engagement?

Leaders cannot limit themselves to increasing salaries every time employees are losing their commitment. That is a partial solution, which does not solve anything in the long term. What must be done is to work on oneself to position oneself as a leader and inspire confidence and motivation. To do this, one must work on:

1) Self-awareness: good leaders start with oneself. If you cannot lead your personal life, manage your time, habits and emotions, you will not be able to lead a team.

2) Acceptance: Acquiring an open and empathetic attitude, instead of being imposing, helps to be accepted and followed by employees.

3) Results: A true leader is not individualistic, he/she must lead by example and ensure that results and recognition are obtained by the team. This is the basis of motivation.

It is time to revolutionize the way we lead. To achieve this, we must start by looking at ourselves, our mindset and energy and what we are projecting to the team. Learn how to be an exemplary leader with my MML program. It’s time to lead change!

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