T-Systems, the IT services subsidiary for companies and public administrations of the Deutsche Telekom Group, and Villafañe & Asociados Consultores (V&AC) have entered into an agreement to promote sustainability as a business driver in the private sector throughout the world through the Syrah solution.

Developed by T-Systems Iberia in Spain, Syrah is the first standardized dashboard that shows at a glance the status and evolution of compliance with the sustainability commitments acquired by any company or public entity.

With this alliance, the technological and innovation capabilities of T-Systems are combined with the knowledge and experience of V&AC as a strategy consultant that manages and measures corporate reputation with business KPIs, with the aim of placing sustainability as a lever for business development and economic growth.

The CEO of T-Systems Iberia, Osmar Polo , stated that “profitability, competitiveness and sustainability are closely linked and we must understand how to enhance the latter to improve business results and boost economic growth. We are very pleased to announce this alliance with V&AC, which, with its deep knowledge, will help us transform sustainability policies into a strategic value for companies.”

For the CEO of V&AC, Sebastián Cebrián, “companies must not only be sustainable, but also report on their sustainability to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they meet the balance between caring for the environment, social welfare and economic growth, in such a way that current needs are met, without compromising the future of future generations. Syrah, the sustainability dashboard developed by T-Systems, monitors, recommends and reports the sustainability compliance of any organization and anywhere in the world, so we are facing an innovative and global solution“.

According to various sources, 40% of the large Spanish listed companies include the SDGs in their Sustainability Reports and on their websites, but only 20% have initiatives to measure their real contribution to achieving these goals.

Syrah makes it easier for those responsible for sustainability and CSR to know the results and evolution over time of each action linked to an SDG or what factors affect the performance of the actions; while providing context information, making comparisons between the headquarters of the same company, or providing information on CO2 emissions.

Compliance with the SDGs

Syrah is an advanced dashboard that integrates and structures real data from a multitude of sources updated automatically, to establish standardized processes that can be adapted to the objectives of each company, to know the status and evolution in the fulfillment of the commitments of sustainability according to official indicators recognized by local, regional, national and international administrations.

It combines ‘cloud’ and IoT technologies with ‘Big Data’ and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, for the collection, storage and processing of data, and the creation of predictive models that allow simulating and forecasting the impact of sustainability strategies.

Among other functionalities, the solution makes it possible to empirically demonstrate the alignment between the sustainability strategy and the company’s business strategy, while providing global and detailed information on compliance with the SDGs of a corporation with the possibility of declining by headquarters, countries or business units, as well as create custom reports.

In addition, Syrah allows the comparison between similar cities by location, industrial activity or size ; as well as the crossing of information between the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) and the SDG indicators, facilitating a global vision of the City government.

The next step in this alliance between V&AC and T-Systems, on which both companies are already working, is to create a certification model for the data collection and analysis process, currently non-existent, to provide even greater guarantees and transparency to their customers.

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