John van der Ent, CEO of Spar Netherlands, has announced that the company intends to double its store network in three years. Coinciding with the company’s 90th anniversary, the retailer’s vision is to grow from 455 stores to 1,000 and become the king of convenience in the segment.

Apart from its current mix of retail formats, from the gas station to the neighborhood supermarket to city stores, a number of pilot stores are currently being set up, especially in high-traffic locations, to support this growth. Unmanned tents are also being placed in twelve hotels across the country, which will also be available for large office environments.

In addition, Spar has started a pilot program with food delivery company Deliveroo, which is based on the retailer’s ambition to position itself between the restaurant sector and the local supermarket. This is a second collaborative cast show, following the partnership with Thuisbezorgd (Justeat). The goal is to extend the collaboration to the national level, building on the results of the pilot program.

SPAR Netherlands has a strong presence in large and small Dutch cities and is increasingly present on national roads and in universities and campsites. The multi-format strategy has been key to the rapid advance of recent years in the Dutch retail scene.

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