Nintendo will have no rights to the site

Nintendo will have no rights to the site

Nintendo applied to the World Intellectual Property Organization to assign the rights to the site, which was registered on January 13, 2004.

The need for Nintendo to have this site is evident, since many users could assume that the official site of the console is that, and if it is not, it would be a blocked channel between Nintendo and its consumers.

Currently, this site only suggests and redirects users to other sites, some related to Nintendo and Wii U.

The reasons why Nintendo was denied the rights were not revealed, however the publication Fuse reported that the name of the site went up for auction in February, so this could be the path that the company should take to get the name. .

Nintendo responded to this matter with the following statement:

“Nintendo’s efforts to recover the domain name through the administrative procedure of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy were ineffective. Nintendo has a strong history of protecting against intellectual property rights violations and we will continue to review our legal options. This decision does not impact Nintendo’s ability to challenge violations concerning intellectual property.”

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