Intel reaffirms its commitment to expanding the global supply chain

Intel reaffirms its commitment to expanding the global supply chain

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger reiterates the company’s commitment to developing its global supply chain. In addition, the manager aims to be working to respond to the demand of customers who are increasingly seeking greater geographical diversity in manufacturing.

The problems that the global supply chain has gone through, and continues to experience, in recent times is leading to planning changes that contribute to its optimization. In the opinion of the person in charge, a better supply chain is necessary.

“The world needs a more geographically balanced and resilient supply chain. If we have learned anything in the last two years, it is how critical it is for the world in a geopolitically unstable future perspective.”

In this sense, Gelsinger has highlighted the investments made in its factories in Europe and the United States. But the person in charge also praises the work carried out jointly with his partners to accelerate his efficiency.

A lack of supply chain capacity puts Intel on the ropes, which is driving the company to bring new manufacturing capacity online as quickly as possible. To do this, they are not only investing in the increase of factories, but also in suppliers to be able to rebuild the way they manage their supply chains.

Steps for a supply chain improvement

Like many technology providers, Intel has been hit hard by semiconductor shortages over the past two years. While this has been attributed to a number of factors, one of the most cited is the disproportionate role that countries like Taiwan play in the industry’s global supply chain.

With an eye toward trying to alleviate the impact of these events, Intel has been strongly supporting efforts by international governments to boost domestic silicon manufacturing in various territories.


In fact, Gelsinger has been putting particular pressure on the US government. for him to pass new legislation that would give significant tax breaks to companies that make chips on US soil.

For the director of Intel, it is crucial that a ‘chip law’ be put in place that contributes to accelerating the industry, something in which the European Union has made notable progress.

The sum of all these efforts will help the supply chain improve and be able to face the new challenges, present and future, without falling into the problems that it has suffered lately and that are having a strong impact on many other industries.

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