How To Promote A Business In The National Holidays Campaign

How To Promote A Business In The National Holidays Campaign

According to data from the Central Reserve Bank, the twelve-month inflation rate rose from 8.09% in May to 8.81% in June. And the indicator is expected to improve in July due to the National Holidays campaign.

In this regard, Liliana Lescano, Product Manager of Caja Piura, pointed out that her representative plans to place S/76 million in business loans during this campaign and thus support entrepreneurs to take advantage of the increase in demand generated in consumption at this time of year.

“During the month of June there was a goal achievement of 102% and so far in July, an achievement of 67%, so it is expected to reach more than 100% of the goal set,” he said.

The next National Holidays are an opportunity to boost business from home due to the high economic flow that it represents, revealed Liliana Lescano, who reported that the microfinance institution will place more than S/ 3,417 million over the course of the season to help entrepreneurs achieve your business goals.

The specialist recommends choosing a business that fits the level of personal income of the target audience, obtaining capital through savings or a loan, opting for an attractive product or service and giving it added value. In addition, it is important to be trained in sales, establish schedules for each activity, avoid unnecessary expenses and carry out proper money management.

To cover the working capital needs of entrepreneurs, the microfinance institution offers the “Contigo MYPERÚ” credit , a product aimed at providing quick and cheap financing. “We plan to grant, for the National Holidays campaign, loans with competitive rates ranging from S/ 500 and we hope to achieve a 20% share in our client portfolio,” the executive mentioned.

Liliana Lescano also highlighted that this celebration is one of the seasons with the greatest commercial expectation in which many businesses seek different opportunities to increase their sales. “The average expenditure of Peruvians is 500 soles during the celebrations for the National Holidays ,” she said.

However, he specified that the increase in the purchasing power of consumers will depend on their labor income and their family expenses. “The provisions of the government to release funds from CTS and AFP will motivate greater consumption,” he concluded.

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