Digitization is present at any moment and entrepreneurship is one of its great “beneficiaries”.

Its potential expands as more people decide to have their own business and promote it through the Internet or various applications.

Entrepreneurship is starting a business idea from scratch. In addition to being a challenge, it is a new way of seeing the world and the labor market, “says the Hotmart company in a statement.

So you can grow your business with the help of technology

1. You should not abandon everything

According to the firm, when you decide to take this path, you do not need to abandon the activity that currently generates income for you.

«The ‘creator economy’ (creator economy) gives them the opportunity to start their project little by little, testing if their talent and business generate interest, until they decide to dedicate all their time to it or keep it as an additional source of income, “he explains. .

2. Boost from the physical to the digital

Thanks to the union between the internet and the creative economy, there are greater opportunities and ways for your business to exist both on the internet and in a physical location.

3. Barriers come down

Another advantage is that you do not need a large capital for your business to start “on the right foot”.

“Starting from home, with no rent or other fixed costs, usually all you need is a cell phone or a computer with an internet connection,” says Hotmart.

4. Entrepreneurship does not remain in the “inkpot”

The dream of having your own business can materialize soon and without the need to wait to rent a space in a shopping mall or use all the savings in a single exhibition.

5. Growing up is easy

If your venture is about a podcast, has a tutorial or has an online course, you have already reached a stage of success.

“With the new digital content platforms, it can reach millions of potential customers around the world,” says the company.

6. Your skills can be your next profession

If you have recreational activities that you are passionate about or skills that you have not been able to “exploit” at another time, entrepreneurship can help you do so and reward you with more income.

“We must never minimize the knowledge we have acquired over the years in any area of ​​our lives. This can be useful for other people who would be willing to pay for it, ”says Enrique Segura, director of Latam sales at Hotmart, in the text.

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