If you are lacking motivation to have a home-based business, when you read these 10 advantages you will have no doubts and it is almost certain that you will decide to start right now.

It is not necessary to have a physical location or move to an office to feel like you have a business. Nowadays many entrepreneurs have launched their own businesses from home!

All you need is a computer and the desire to succeed to fulfill the dream of having your own business. Do you want more motivation? Here are 10 benefits that home-based entrepreneurs have based on reviews from specialized sites such as Shopify, Hotmart and Forbes.

When you finish reading them all, you won’t have any more doubts and you’ll want to start your home-based business right now.

1. You are your own boss

We decided to start with this benefit because we’ve all dreamed of being our own boss. Having your own business allows you to go at your own pace and only you are responsible for yourself.

2. You organize your schedule

No more traffic stress! To start working, all you have to do is go to your office space and start working. You decide how many hours you want to stay at the computer or doing whatever it is you do.

3. You reduce expenses

When you start from home you don’t have to pay for rent, furniture, electricity, internet, etc. You use your own home resources and the investment is minimal. Let’s not even talk about eating out or the daily gourmet coffee.

4. You can do whatever you want

One of the advantages of starting a business from home is that you obey your passions. It is a fact that you will not be forced to work in something you don’t want. You choose what to do.

5. What you earn is for you

All profits from your business are completely yours. If you grow, you can decide to invest in hiring staff, even so, you taste the sweetness of managing your own income.

6. You work from wherever you want

Your office is not just your bed, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. If one day you want to go out, you can take your equipment and work from anywhere.

7. Unlimited vacations

It is true that having a home-based business is demanding and needs time, effort and dedication, however, it is also true that, being the owner of your time, you can go on vacation whenever you want and for as long as you want.

8. You decide how far to grow

Success is in your hands. If you are disciplined and structure your business well, through market research, planning and organization, the sky is the limit!

9. International potential

How about making your business international? You can offer your services and products to many markets, not just locally. Nowadays there are many platforms that can take your company to different parts of the world.

10. Start a business with friends, family and partners

If you need some help, you can lean on your best friends, family and partner. You may find the best partners in them and the best thing is that they can have fun in the process.

What are the disadvantages of starting a home-based business?

Notwithstanding the benefits of having your business at home, there are some complications that it is fair to outline as well to know what you will face.

For example:

Lack of space: you may have to adapt your home to the business you want to start and that could reduce your sleeping area.

Possible future rent: if your business grows by leaps and bounds, Happy Problem! There will be more profits, but sooner or later you will have to move to a local or office.

Loneliness: having a home-based business can make you feel lonely because we are used to working surrounded by people.

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