BTS Suga will return to Live Performance after Shoulder Surgery
BTS Suga will return to Live Performance after Shoulder Surgery

BTS Suga will return to Live Performance after Shoulder Surgery

Suga (BTS) will participate in the official live schedule for the first time in about two months after shoulder surgery.

The artist of Big Hit Entertainment officially commented this afternoon (28th),

“Due to the doctor’s findings, I will perform at a concert without performing intense dance or performance.”

SUGA performed a live personal audio distribution “I am a snowman” this afternoon through “V LIVE”. Regarding the recent situation after surgery, “Auxiliary equipment (supporter) has been removed, and the arm is still 90 degrees. It only goes up to about the level. It feels like it’s not my arm, and it still hurts a little. I’m recovering.” “I’m undergoing continuous rehabilitation. Only within the operating range, there are several types that use my arm. I’m exercising, but I feel like I’m getting better, but the speed is slow.”

He then revealed that he would perform at the Big Hit label’s joint concert “2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE”, which will be broadcasted online from 9:30 pm on December 31,

“I can’t physically perform. I think I’ll do something about it,” he said ” I can’t hold the microphone with my left hand, so I think I’ll hold it with my right hand.”

Prior to this, SUGA was diagnosed with a dislocation of the humerus in the shoulder in 2013 after a car accident in 2012, and has since suffered from persistent shoulder pain. Last year, a doctor diagnosed him with “left posterior labrum injury.” Then, on November 3, this year, he underwent surgery to suture the injured left shoulder joint. Other than the pre-recorded stage before surgery, he did not participate in the official BTS schedule and focused on recovery and rehabilitation.

Big Hit Entertainment spoke on November 6th, “We decided that it is important for SUGA to fulfill his military service obligations and for his post-military singer activities to be in good health. After a long period of trouble, he decided to have surgery, the time to return to activity after SUGA’s recovery has not yet been decided,” he said in an official comment.

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