The Toyota GR Corolla was presented , the sportier version of the famous mid-size in its hatchback body version (two-body or “without trunk”). It is distinguished by an exclusive design, a much more powerful engine and a configuration designed for high performance.

The GR Corolla has a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine (technically called the G16-EGTS) from the GR Yaris , albeit with more power and torque. It produces 304 horses (43 more than in the GR Yaris) and 370 Nm of maximum torque (10 Nm more).

This increase in power, according to what Toyota reported , was achieved thanks to a less restrictive exhaust system, which also comes with sound-regulating valves. With such horsepower, the GR Corolla becomes the most powerful three-cylinder engine vehicle in the world , among those produced in series.

A particularity: associated with a six-speed automatic gearbox,  the engine is located further back to improve weight distribution . Traction is 4×4 (GR-FOUR) with three differentials to vary the distribution of torque between the axles, with the possibility of delivering 100 percent of the force to the front or rear.

It offers three driving modes: Normal, which  distributes torque 60:40  between the front and rear wheels; Sport, with a distribution of  30:70 ; and Track, with a  50:50 . The distribution in real time can be observed through the instruments, where the turbo boost pressure and the temperature of the oil and coolant are also reported.

It comes as standard with  sports brakes  with 356 mm diameter slotted ventilated discs, and fixed calipers with four pistons at the front and two pistons at the rear, with 297 mm ventilated discs. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 slightly wider, in size 235/40 R18.

Based on the classic five-door Corolla, the GR Corolla adds more spot welds to the chassis, additional structural glue and reinforcements to the rear axle, transmission tunnel and floor. In addition, the track width grows 60 mm forward and 85 mm behind. Vehicle weight is 1,475 kg in running order.

Aesthetically it stands out for the new bumpers, hood and aerodynamic elements, such as the rear spoiler of the GR Corolla Circuit Edition package.

It will be manufactured in Japan, at the Motomachi plant. It will first launch in the United States and then in the Japanese market. For now, its launch in Argentina is not planned.

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