Both Texans and people moving within the same state must complete a process to update the address associated with their driver’s license to ensure that the document reaches them in the shortest possible time.

Updating the address associated with the driver’s license is a procedure that must be carried out whenever a move is made. According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TXDMV), drivers are required to complete this process whenever there are changes to the information on the driver’s license. In this sense, a similar procedure also applies when people change their name, whether by marriage, divorce, adoption or by simple decision, making said change legally before the corresponding court.

The change of address is usually related to moving. Therefore, every new resident does it when applying for a valid driver’s license in the state of Texas and people who move within the same state are required to do it to update their information. In this way, if they request documents or renew their license at the TXDMV or at the Department of Public Safety (DPS), they will be able to receive said documents in the estimated time without delays or risk of loss.

How to change the address associated with my driver’s license in Texas?

The process of updating the information associated with the driver’s license is not exclusive to cases of change of address, it can also be done when it comes to the name or gender of the driver, as long as the proper documentation is available. Basically, it consists of requesting a duplicate or replacement driver’s license in which the new information is reflected. This procedure implies the payment of a fee and must be carried out during the first 30 days after the move.

According to DPS, people can complete this process using three available modalities: online, via mail, or in person.


This is the most convenient and fastest way to change the information associated with the driver’s license, but not everyone is eligible for this modality. In that sense, drivers must check their eligibility and if it exists, they can carry out the process from the official website of the Texas government.

By mail or in person

If there is no eligibility for online processing, it will be necessary to send an address change request form along with a form of payment by mail to the postal address that appears on the same form. It is also possible to go with the same form to the nearest office to make the change in person.

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