The first quarter of 2022 ended positively for Tesla. Despite production declining from the previous quarter due to supply chain disruptions and the temporary suspension of the Shanghai Gigafactory, the automaker led by Elon Musk recorded record deliveries in the first three months of the year: just over 310,000 le electric of the US brand that were marketed in this early 2022, a slight increase compared to the previous quarter and strong growth (+ 68%) compared to the same period last year. Thanks to this record figure, analysts’ expectations of 308,000 Tesla registrations were also exceeded.

Different speech, as mentioned, for what concerns the production : although the decline was really minimal, in the first quarter of this 2022 Tesla built fewer electric than those assembled in the previous quarter. From the Coronavirus pandemic to the problems recorded in the supply chain and supply chain, there are several factors that have contributed to this decline, in any case well compensated by the efforts of the company that has managed to limit the damage. “This has been an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply chain disruptions and China’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy – wrote Elon Musk on his official Twitter profile – The outstanding work of our team and our main suppliers saved the situation “.

Returning to sales, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV, which together accounted for 295,324 registrations globally, drove Tesla’s record growth in the first quarter. Numbers more contained instead as regards the other two battery models in the range, Model X and Model S, which together have just exceeded 14,700 units sold. Now Tesla’s main objective is to relaunch production as well: a first fundamental step will be to reactivate the production lines in the Shanghai Gigafactory starting tomorrow, after a week of forced shutdown due to the stringent anti-Covid restrictions imposed by the government.

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