Risk of fire in hybrid cars: Ford is recalling around 100,000 vehicles

Risk of fire in hybrid cars: Ford is recalling around 100,000 vehicles

The carmaker Ford is recalling numerous hybrid cars because of the risk of fire under the hood. Around 100,000 vehicles are affected.

DEARBORN – The carmaker Ford recalled numerous vehicles in the United States on Friday. According to the company, the reason for the recall is the risk of fire in the cars. The recall affects a good 100,000 Lincoln Corsair, Ford Escape and Maverick hybrid cars with model years from 2020 to 2022.

Mercedes-Benz is also currently having a major recall due to the risk of fire. At best, around 800,000 affected cars should no longer be driven.

Recall at Ford: risk of fire under the hood

In a statement, the second-largest US automaker warned its customers of under-the-hood fire hazards that could result from engine damage from oil leaks and fuel vapors. However, the group is currently not aware of any accidents related to the defect.

Ford also announced on Friday that it would now significantly expand an existing recall from May, also in the United States. The Expedition SUV and Lincoln Navigator were affected by the recall, with a total of 27,000 cars recalled.

Ford is expanding its ongoing car recall

Ford has now extended the recall of the 27,000 cars to 66,000. In this case, too, there would be a risk of fire under the bonnet, but also in parked vehicles with the engine switched off. The US car owner therefore warned against parking their vehicles near buildings.

A total of 21 fires related to the problem have now been reported to Ford. One person is said to have been injured.