Porsche to manufacture new electric Cayenne in Bratislava

Porsche to manufacture new electric Cayenne in Bratislava

Porsche has announced that the fourth-generation Cayenne, which will be a 100% electric model, will be manufactured at Volkswagen’s multi-brand plant in Bratislava, Slovakia, the company said in a statement.

“The Bratislava plant has done outstanding work in recent years and has received several awards. The future Cayenne will be the first all-electric SUV (all-electric SUV) to be manufactured there. I am sure that the team will be meticulously prepared,” said Porsche’s Head of Production and Logistics, Albrecht Reimold.

Production of the Cayenne began in 2002 and by the end of 2022 Porsche had delivered 95,604 units of this model, which last year was the one that recorded the highest demand in the company’s catalog.

In that sense, this vehicle has been produced at the Bratislava plant since 2017, from its third generation, both in combustion and plug-in hybrid versions.

The new Cayenne will be Porsche’s fourth 100% electric model after the Taycan (from 2019), the Macan (from 2024) and the 718 (from the middle of this decade), although the brand has also announced an all-electric SUV “above the Cayenne” to be produced at the Porsche factory in Leipzig (Germany).

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