50 years have passed since that March 9, 1972, when the Maserati Boomerang, a concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and created by Italdesign, made its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. An extreme, futuristic and almost irrational dream car capable of remaining etched in the memory of all enthusiasts.

Boomerang was built in a unique example and during the Swiss exhibition of 1972 it presented itself as a registered model and perfectly running. The base used by Italdesign was a 4,719 cc Maserati Bora with a central rear eight-cylinder engine arranged at 90 °, capable of 310 hp to get close to a top speed of around 300 km / h. The traction was rear and the five-speed manual gearbox. The two-seater sports coupe never went into production, but left a stylistic legacy that continued to live on not only in Giugiaro’s later creations, but also in other projects inspiring several car manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

The only model ever made of the Boomerang made other appearances in international competitions, passing hands between various owners and ending up being the protagonist in several auctions as well as being used in some commercials.

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