• In the state of Illinois, drivers are given a notice to renew their driver’s license, a process that is exempt from written and driving tests

Driver’s licenses in the state of Illinois are valid for 4 years. For that reason, when the expiration date approaches, drivers receive a renewal notice with details on how to complete the process and keep their privileges current. In Illinois, the Secretary of State (ILSOS) is the entity in charge of processing the applications related to the driver’s license, therefore, the renewal processes must also be carried out in their offices.

During this process, drivers do not need to submit written exams or driving tests, nor do they need to submit medical reports or pass vision exams, unless it is extremely necessary for a special case.

How to renew my driver’s license in Illinois?

Drivers in the state of Illinois receive renewal notices up to 90 days before their date of birth, but individuals have the ability to start the renewal process up to a year before that date. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Go to a local office of the Illinois Secretary of State (ILSOS).
  2. Complete a renewal form. With the notice they receive via mail, drivers also receive a 15-digit PIN that allows them to access the online renewal process if they are eligible. They just need to enter it on the official ILSOS website, in the renewal link, and follow the steps indicated by the system.
  3. When individuals are not eligible to renew online, they do not receive the PIN and therefore must go to a local office. An appointment may need to be booked, so it’s a good idea to call 217-785-1424 ahead of time for more information about eligibility for the online process or for appointments, if they apply to you.

While carrying out the process, every driver must pay a fee of more than $30 that can be higher in some cases due to possible surcharges. At the same time, ILSOS may require the applicant to submit written or physical examinations, especially if the applicant has broken the law and has committed some infractions. Although the driving test is not required during the renewal process, it is mandatory for the driver to update their portrait on the document. In that sense, he must allow new photos to be taken for this purpose.

After the renewal process, drivers receive the new document at their postal address in a maximum of 15 business days. While the waiting period is over, ILSOS sends a temporary credential in PDF format that the driver must print in order to operate the vehicle until their permanent license arrives.

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