• We know that we should use refrigerant for our car, but how important is it?

Complying with the basic aspects of maintenance will ensure that our car has a long useful life, preventing it from wearing out prematurely. It seems obvious but it is extremely important to be up to date with all the pieces that require constant attention.

Brakes, motor and battery are usually the main ones. In the case of the power unit, it requires quite precise care for the vehicle to work perfectly and should not be overexerted.

One of the basic maintenance tips for the engine is the use of coolant. However, you really know why it is so important to use it, especially at certain times of the year.


The main purpose of this liquid is to control the temperature of the engine and keep it cool. We must take into consideration the last time we used it, in particular if we plan to take a long trip, vacation or any tour where the power unit is required.

Its chemical properties make it fulfill a double function: at high temperatures it becomes a refrigerant, while in cold environments it does the same as antifreeze.

In general, it should be changed every three years or 50,000 kilometers, although it is never time to check how everything is going with the coolant. The lack of this element can lead to overheating of the engine that leads to serious failures over time.

On the other hand, it must be taken into consideration that changes in temperature affect the car. Summer is usually the “enemy” season for cars, therefore, the use of coolant during this time of year becomes twice as important for the health of the engine.

Finally, care must be taken with the type of refrigerant used for the car. Being sure of having a good brand will give us peace of mind that our engine is taken care of. Also, remember that it is not recommended to perform “tricks” to save money, such as adding water to the liquid, since in the long run it could lead to severe damage to the power unit.

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