GMC Resolves Terrain Recall Caused By Overly Bright Headlights By Just Putting Duct Tape On

GMC Resolves Terrain Recall Caused By Overly Bright Headlights By Just Putting Duct Tape On

The NHTSA forced GMC to recall the Terrain models after investigations revealed a problem with headlights that were too bright. GMC’s solution was a kit it called the “Headlight Enforcement Kit,” though it’s actually a piece of tape that keeps the NHTSA out of the company’s case.

If you have a GMC Terrain made between 2010 and 2017 you’d better go to the dealer – there’s a piece of tape with your name on it. Yes, GMC has come up with a solution to a problem that it seemed unenthusiastic about tackling.

GMC Terrain headlights are too bright

At certain angles, the NHTSA says the car’s headlights are too bright. To dim the glare, GMC is using a small adhesive patch that is applied to the headlight lens. Admittedly, it’s not a very elegant solution, but NHTSA was in no mood to compromise.

GMC argued that it did not represent a safety problem

The defect, which affects 740,000 vehicles, was formally removed in March. Before that, GMC made it very clear that they did not want to fix the problem. The company went back and forth with the NHTSA, noting that there was only one consumer complaint regarding headlight glare. It didn’t really affect safety, GMC argued, but the feds weren’t convinced.

A solution that does not seem to be to the liking of the owners

The NHTSA insisted that it was still dangerous and now we are seeing the results of this illuminating speech: Around three-quarters of a million “Headlight Fixture Kits”. The owners don’t seem to like it.

What is the solution

Dealer techs are probably amused by the recall. The repair instructions say to make sure it’s above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, clean the headlights thoroughly, and stick on the piece of tape. The technician who installs the tape will be charged 12 minutes of labor for the entire task. Everything seems to be a not very convincing solution, but if it works, it works. At least until it rains.

Letters were mailed on September 8 notifying homeowners to install the stickers.

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