Beyond manufacturing iPhones, the tech giant in China is unveiling a new electric car in SUV format. Far from being the first model, it is a consumer version in direct competition with Tesla.

Ultra-fast development of electric cars

We discover the brand new electric car from Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn. He is known for the manufacture of iPhones or Nintendo Switch or certain Samsung products. Especially since it’s not the manufacturer’s first car.

Today, we discover the very latest Model B which takes on the aesthetics of a very successful electric SUV. In profile we find some tunes from the Volkswagen ID3, especially on the rear part. The comparison is rather flattering and shows that Chinese cars are very close to the aesthetics of European vehicles.

In a video published on Pininfarina’s YouTube channel, you can get a first glimpse of the little extras of this car. We thus discover an adaptive light signature depending on the situation. On the rear lights, a small pedestrian symbol appears while walking. This probably activates when a pedestrian is in front of the vehicle. This makes it possible to warn a vehicle wishing to overtake that there is a danger.

The official release is scheduled for October 18, 2022. Unfortunately it seems that Europe is not concerned. Foxconn seems to be concentrating on the North American and Chinese market for the moment.

The beginning of the electric car adventure for Foxconn

Even though it’s not their first model, it’s a very young builder in this ever-changing world. The technical sheet has not yet been revealed and we do not know what to expect in terms of autonomy. According to all logic it should exceed 500 km and be at a price of less than 30,000 euros.

In 2021 we had the right to discover the Model C with a range of 700 km and a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. The Model B will obviously be less efficient, but also less expensive. Foxconn also released a Model E in addition to the C version.

We were told that the manufacturer is also preparing an electric pickup to conquer the North American market. It should be called the Model V. Given the popularity of this kind of vehicle in the land of Uncle Sam, the success should be obvious.

In Europe for the moment, it is not expected to see the manufacturer establish itself. Still, the latest Model B would be perfect for our market. Foxconn may be waiting for its brand to mature in China and the United States before moving into tougher markets.

This Model B will be very well suited to China, but may not really appeal to Americans, given its size.

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