Chrysler seeks to position itself as one of the leading companies in the electric car sector and is preparing to do so in the near future. The brand has already announced its plans to launch the Airflow by 2025 and hopes that it could soon become a rival to Tesla.

In the race to catch up with current electric vehicle leader Tesla, an unlikely contender is about to emerge, according to Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell. The automaker’s CEO says Chrysler has what it takes to go after the electric-vehicle pioneer.

Chrysler’s turbulent history in the automobile industry

Chrysler has a rich history in the automobile industry, playing a pivotal role as one of the “big three” American automakers, along with Ford and GM.

Officially formed in 1925, the low-priced Plymouth brand helped make the automaker a powerhouse during the recession. However, since then, the company has had its share of struggles that have given an image of instability.

On the brink of bankruptcy in 1980, President Jimmy Carter approved a loan to Chrysler worth nearly $1.5 billion. The bailout buoyed Chrysler as the automaker invested in full-size models, which proved successful as it repaid the loan seven years early.

However, the increase in gasoline prices changed the purchasing habits of consumers, who looked for smaller and more efficient options. At the end of 2008, the financial crisis rocked the world economy and the market share of the Big Three fell from 71% in 1998 to around 47%.

The rise of Fiat Chrysler

Chrysler was once again forced to hold the government to ransom. After repaying the loan in 2011, the US Treasury sold its shares to Fiat, which later bought the remaining shares to become Fiat Chrysler. In 2021, an agreement with PSA consolidated Fiat Chrysler as part of the newly created Stellantis automobile group.

Chrysler doesn’t have an electric car on the market yet

The auto industry is in a major transition, one of the biggest the sector has ever seen, as automakers strive to catch up with Tesla and solidify their role in the future of electric vehicle transportation. Despite being the first brand under the Stellantis umbrella to offer a plug-in hybrid, the Chrysler Pacifica, the brand still doesn’t have any full electric vehicles to speak of. How does Chrysler plan to take on Tesla without a single all-electric model?

Chrysler thinks it can beat Tesla at its own EV game

In January, Chrysler revealed its plans for an all-electric future, giving us a glimpse into the company’s future with its Airflow crossover concept, while promising to have a full lineup of electric vehicles by 2028.

The Airflow EV concept, according to the automaker, is what “the future looks like for Chrysler”, with a powerful range (up to 650 kilometers), level 3 autonomous driving capabilities and “innovative” digital technology.

The idea is to attract young urban drivers

“Everyone is going after Tesla. But I think Chrysler is the only brand in the portfolio that has the ability to do that, because we’re going to be very focused on the BEV offering, the design themes, and we saw a little bit of it when we looked at the Airflow design. It’s highly aerodynamic and contemporary, with thoughtful technology that helps make the driving experience easier, better and safer. And I think we have a real chance to take on Tesla.”

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