The Beijing Auto Show has been postponed to a later date due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It should have started on April 21, to bring to the debut some of the most anticipated cars of the moment globally, however  in recent days the cases have registered a new increase and it is not possible to carry out the event. We therefore recall  all the cars that should have been presented pending further developments.

Social press release

The rumors of a possible second postponement of the event had been circulating for weeks and a few days ago, the secretariat of Auto China, the proper name of the show, confirmed the hypotheses with a post written on WeChat (the most famous Chinese social platform), announcing that this year’s edition will actually be postponed again, at a later date.

The organizers, in fact, did not provide a calendar on when the event could be reorganized. Originally, the start date of Auto China 2022, as the event is officially called, was set for 21 April , with the canonical first day dedicated to the media and the press, to end on 30 April .

In a message posted over the weekend, Auto China representatives said:

We will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and will work to improve the organization of the event and the service work according to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control policy. waiting time after the extension will be notified separately.

The news

BMW fans in the People’s Republic of China will surely be disappointed to hear the news as the new  7 Series sedans and the electric i7  were expected to make their first official appearance at the show.

o make up for the postponement of the event, the House has scheduled an internal event for April 20 , where the two new cars will be unveiled, with project code name G70 . The same goes for the upcoming i3 Sedan recently previewed with some spy photos , which should have debuted at the event.

Another important car, albeit only in concept format, which was supposed to debut at the Beijing Motor Show is the Volkswagen Aero B electric sedan , which is therefore expected to be officially unveiled next year. A car that, at least for the Chinese market, should represent the spiritual heir of the Passat , but only with zero-emission engines.

All those Chinese brands we recently talked about, such as Aiways or GAC, or other cars of European manufacturers but exclusively destined for the eastern market, such as the Audi Q5 e-tron or the Volkswagen Lamanado L , heir of the Jetta.

All that remains is to wait, many cars could be unveiled online or in exclusive events in the coming weeks.

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