(05/21 – 06/20)

In this New Moon your natural grace will emerge, so take the opportunity to “get on stage” and show off your talents. In addition, a very favorable period will begin for you to carry out artistic activities and to print a touch of creativity and aesthetics in everything you do.


Love horoscope for Gemini

When you are with the people you care about most, you easily find yourself on the same wavelength as someone else you consider very special. Don’t miss the opportunity to get noticed or let them overwhelm you with all the attention they give you. It shows that you deserve all the kindness you receive.


Money horoscope for Gemini

If you enjoy buying something new, go ahead and do it! You have the means to do it and it is time for you to pamper yourself. Your finances allow you to make a small investment and you are conscientious enough not to overdo it.


Sex Horoscope for Gemini

Lucky, since you are able to fulfill all those wild fantasies! Tell your partner your most secret desires. Don’t be shy, she will be more inclined to accept than you think. They both enjoy turning each other on with the right words. After a play on seductive words you know what comes next.

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