There are signs of the zodiac that cannot overcome the past, they believe that their present relationship could repeat the same patterns and have another bad experience, that is why they prefer to cut their romantic ties altogether.

The signs of the zodiac at some point in their romantic life may have a failed, toxic relationship or where their heart is totally broken; It is the risk that we all run in love. However, there are some who are not able to overcome it and, for fear of repeating the same patterns, they spoil their current relationship and leave their partner.

The past plays against these zodiac signs as they feel persecuted by bad karma, so they prefer to avoid falling in love or, in the worst case, cut off a relationship out of fear, this is how they miss out on valuable opportunities and let go of people they love. They could have been ideal.

Next, we tell you which zodiac signs can abandon their partner for fear of their romantic past.


In the first place of this list is Taurus. According to the site, it is the sign that has the hardest time overcoming failed relationships, even its fear can stay for a lifetime. You hold a lot of resentment towards the person who hurt you deep down and you can project it onto your current relationship, even if your partner is totally different.


As an emotional water sign ruled by the Moon, it is the most sentimental of the zodiac. Cancer tends to be very nostalgic, which is why they feel the scars on their hearts as open wounds that have not healed. Bad memories can lead you to make extreme decisions, for example breaking up your partner or avoiding commitment.


In a Libra relationship, they tend to be slow and indulgent, which means that they can let their ex-partners abuse them. You don’t like conflict, so you tend to keep your emotional injuries to yourself. At some point these feelings must come out, the problem arises when he releases them with his current partner and did not channel them when he should have.


The scorpion sign is the one who takes the longest to fall in love. When he gives his heart, he does it completely, which is why he is intense in love. If he suffers a heartbreak, he is devastated and cannot easily get over it. The past will be present at every moment, so you must start a relationship once your heart is healed, otherwise you make your current partner his shoulder to cry on.

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