Mercury’s retrograde period has come to an end after going back from Libra to Virgo; from now on it will return to its usual orbit, which will have some effects on us

After 3 weeks going backwards, Mercury turns direct in Virgo this Sunday, October 2, which means that it has resumed its usual transit, and its effects will now be different.

Let’s remember that a retrograde is when a planet seems to go back in its orbit, an optical effect due to our position on Earth. Astrologically, it means that the retrograde star, instead of going to the next sign of the zodiac, goes back to the previous one, which is why it is said that the energies it produces are chaotic.

Mercury began its retrograde on September 9th in Libra and “walked” towards Virgo instead of going to Scorpio. It is likely that during the past month you have felt its chaotic energies such as mix-ups, technological failures, delays, etc.

Now that you are directly in Virgo, a sign where you feel comfortable because it is your governed, things will return to their cause with the addition that our communication and thoughts, issues that govern this planet, will be more detailed, insightful and critical.

What does direct Mercury in Virgo mean?

Mercury will be in Virgo until October 10, so this week we will analyze with an eagle eye contracts, writings, mails, messages or any form of communication that reaches us.

This transit is ideal for resolving pending issues, as Astrology Answers explained in an article, as its energy helps to find solutions. While it was retrograde in Virgo, it is likely that you have experienced concerns about stuck aspects, now they will unblock and flow naturally.

In this way, messages could come to us that will mean big changes or maybe you will find another approach, you will organize yourself better, you will be more realistic, specific and you will move faster.

How to take advantage of the energy of direct Mercury in Virgo?

Astrologers suggest reviewing what we have pending and solving what else we can, this includes personal care issues such as diet, exercise or a doctor’s appointment.

After feeling a slow rhythm, life will return to the speed that we are accustomed to, inertia that we can take advantage of to incorporate new healthy routines whose results we will notice in the long term.

The next Mercury retrograde will occur on December 28 when it goes from Capricorn to Sagittarius, a reverse transit that will conclude until January 18, 2023.

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