• The sun will enter the lands of Libra at the same time as the autumnal equinox occurs and the balanced, diplomatic and indecisive energies of the sign of scales will begin to impact us.

On September 22 and once the autumn equinox has occurred, the Libra season will begin, and as the sun advances in the territories of the seventh sign of the zodiac, we will begin to feel a harmonious, creative and balanced energy that will manifest itself in the love, friendship and our relationship with money until next October 23 when the Scorpio cycle begins.

Every time the sun enters a sign we all feel the strengths and weaknesses of the sign where it is located. This means that when we enter the cycle of Libra, the cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, we will be more attracted to beauty, diplomacy, the need to do the right thing and the drive to be more sociable, but we will also feel an indulgent vibe, shallow and indecisive.

However, the change in energy from Virgo to Libra will be subtle, meaning that its effects will not be immediate. Below, based on a review by astrologers from the Astrology Answers site, we tell you how Libra season will impact love, friendship, and money.

Libra Season’s Impact on Love

Libra is diplomatic, conciliatory and negotiating which means that it will make us get along with others, including our romantic partner. If there is a problem that we have dragged into our relationship, now is the time to address it. We must remember that this sign is the enemy of discussions, so we can easily talk. Don’t be surprised if you get involved.

In case of not having a partner, it will be weeks to find romance. Venus, the planet of love, is the ruler of Libra, so romantic energy will also be in the air. If there are feelings to express, this sign encourages us to say them diplomatically. It is likely that platonic loves also take us by surprise.

How the Libra cycle will impact friendship

This season is the best time to make new friends. Libra is one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac so our social energy will be at its peak.

It is in this cycle when we can reconnect with our friends and strengthen the bonds of friendship, and one of the most important attributes of this sign is its desire to help and understand. It encourages us to get out of our comfort zone so we are likely to raise our hands when someone asks for help.

Effects of the Libra cycle on money

The main feeling that we will have now is to do the right thing, which includes our relationship with money, in this sense, it is likely that we revalue what is valuable to us. However, it is important to find limits, since Libra is associated with aesthetics and beauty, we could find ourselves in the dilemma of spending on unnecessary luxuries.

Visits to fancy restaurants, shopping malls and even spending on expensive art are common during this cycle, so we must remember to exercise self-control.

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