In society

Known to be very social, they will have to find creative ways to connect with others while adhering to stay-at-home orders. Being so active, they will be present at most meetings, events and celebrations. His group of friends is abundant. The space in which they feel most comfortable are all those places where people meet to talk, dance or have a good time.

Family nucleus

For Geminis, family is very important, especially those who have similar aspects of their personality. His siblings are like friends, it is very common that they do most of their activities with them. They really appreciate the time they share. A great challenge is fulfilling their responsibilities at home, but they are almost always victorious.

The weak point

It is normal that we all have weaknesses, this is what makes them more human and real. The main obstacles that they must keep in mind are concentration and patience. It is time for you to take time for yourselves and stop being here and there. By slowing down your routine, you will be able to work more in these areas of opportunity, managing to use them in your favor.

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