It’s the time of the full moon in Leo and astrology lovers know exactly how this scenario plays out. For February the full moon will have a greater influence on the signs of Cancer and Leo and for that reason it was given the name. In this note, learn how this phenomenon will affect all the signs of the zodiac.

In other words, The full moon of February 16 falls on the sign of Leo, who has general characteristics that define him above the other signs. It is the sign of power, pride, stability, empowerment and leadership.

According to astrologers this moon full of leo. it will make our hidden qualities shine and make us more ambitious

Here we show you how this event will influence each zodiac sign.


Aries: It will be a good time for your career, to discover a new job, to receive good offers or even a collaboration that will make more money than you expected, but you will see it in the future.

Taurus: For the natives of Taurus, the full moon is a moment of fullness and love and romantic days. Troubled couples can find quick fixes and single natives can find the right match.

Gemini: The full moon will focus for the twins of the zodiac to develop family and home projects. Some of them will move in with their loved ones, others will buy new houses or move to better houses.

Cancer: Cancer natives will benefit from the full moon in many ways, but perhaps the most important is related to communication with others, especially communication at work and professional relationships. Now new collaborative projects will take shape.

Leo: For a Leo, the full moon represents a time of abundance . Money will come, they will receive rewards, they will receive bonuses or gifts from those whom they helped. Leo natives can save or make investments in the coming days.

Virgo: The full moon will be one of the best astrological moments for Virgo. It will be a period in which a great project will be concluded from which you will benefit. It can be related to his career, family, love or even his children.

Libra: This time will mark the end of a very busy and exhausting period. For Libra, the balanced influence of the full moon comes to bring a moment of relaxation, recovery and emotional balance. Libras need to rest and think about the future.

Scorpio: The full moon will make you feel the need to socialize, and for this reason, Scorpios will feel the need to break with their monotonous activities and jobs and do something special. Many of them will travel and meet up with old friends.

Sagittarius: The natives of Sagittarius will live a moment of victory and fulfillment. Many of them will be happy to find a better job. Some of them will be rewarded, others will be promoted and receive other benefits at work.

Capricorn: The influence of the full moon will make the sign of Capricorn favored in the coming days. Capricorns will have an unexpected victory: they will travel, find brilliant solutions for their projects, and be more open to innovative ideas.

Aquarius: The full moon will focus on your intimate desires; on the things you want from your partner and didn’t get. Now is the time to ask for more and offer more love. For this you can organize romantic evenings and rekindle the passion for you.

Pisces: For Pisces natives this event will bring joy, love, intimacy, trust and romance. Some natives of this sign are likely to receive an engagement ring or find a partner while traveling.

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