What is a Podcast and How It Can Grow Your Business

In recent years, podcasting has seen a huge growth in popularity, and with good reason. Podcasts can not only broaden your knowledge as a freelancer, but they can also help you provide insights from experts in your field and motivate you with stories from other freelancers.

What is a podcast and what is it for?

A podcast is a series of episodes (audio or video) that can be listened to (and downloaded) on a mobile, tablet or computer.

Podcasts are a great source of information and a powerful and effective tool that freelancers and freelancers can use to help grow their business . Through this strategic channel , freelancers can tell stories , promote themselves and their services and/or products.

It’s also a great way to learn about new trends, mine new workflows, and get inspired.

These are very promising numbers and reveal that podcasts occupy a very important place in digital communication. 

Why would a freelancer have a podcast?

  1. It is inexpensive and requires few tools.
  2. It’s easy to make and share
  3. The competition is still quite low regarding blogs and social networks
  4. The demand for content is constantly growing and the offer is not yet that great

How to make a podcast

What does it take to make a podcast? They are necessary:

  1. Tools
  2. Abilities

1. Tools needed to create a podcast

Initially, some tools will be necessary, such as:

  • a computer
  • a microphone
  • a program to record and edit audio

Subsequently, if you already have a blog, you can upload your episodes there or pay a subscription on platforms (for example Speaker) to distribute the created content. 

2. Skills needed to create a podcast

  • Know how to choose the format of the podcast
  • plan the episodes
  • Write texts 
  • Record and edit an audio file
  • Upload the created file to your website (or other pages)
  • Share content on social networks and other channels

We take a look at some brilliant and informative podcasts that are perfect for freelancers.

Podcasts for freelancers (in Spanish)

1. MENTOR360

This Luis Ramos podcast presents every day, from Monday to Friday, the best mentors for your personal and professional growth, and all in Spanish!

The objective of this program is to give you ideas and advice, with practical tasks that you can carry out immediately, and get results. 

2. Espabilismo Freelance

Marina Miller tells without a filter how you can become the true owner of your business. In addition to a podcast, you will find a “revolutionary” community where you can find out about many resources and advice.

3. Freelance Naked

In this podcast, Sandoval Güicho talks about ideas, tools and tips to create your own freelance brand from scratch. Each episode focuses on a very specific question, such as “How to create a freelance contract” or “Tips for choosing your freelance email name”. 

In a few minutes you will receive valuable tips for your launch into the freelance world.

4. The Freelancers Podcast by Wanderlancers

In the Wanderlancers Podcast for Freelancers and Online Professionals you can listen to episodes every week on many topics related to the freelance world and online business.

With Sol and Camilo, you will learn the simplest way to have a successful independent business, be your own boss and live by your own rules.

5. Homoautonomous

For entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps, this podcast is very suitable. With informality and humor, Ángel Martín and César Brito deal with serious topics about how to start an entrepreneurship.

Freelancer Podcasts

1. Freakonomics Podcast

In this podcast, Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the bestselling book Freakonomics, talks about economics and how it relates to just about everything.

Most of the episodes contain interesting information about how the world works from an economist’s perspective, but many of them also contain very practical advice. From “Failure is your Friend” to “How to Be Creative , ” Dubner covers a wide range of topics and talks about various experts and entrepreneurs.

2. Clients from Hell

Clients from Hell started out as a blog about horrible customer stories and has now grown into a fun and helpful podcast. Freelancers from all kinds of sectors visit this podcast and talk about any topic.

Hosted by Bryce Bladon and a rotating panel of guests, this podcast covers a wide range of topics including references, defining success, and using platforms for freelancers. It’s a good idea to press play!

3. Freelance to Founder

Millo’s Freelance to Founder podcast is one of the most educational and unique podcasts you’ll find. Hosts Preston Lee and Clay Mosley offer weekly live training calls with freelancers.

These calls are packed with tips and advice and often feature knowledgeable guests, making this an amazing podcast for freelancers just starting out and looking to grow their business.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show has repeatedly ranked #1, and for good reason. This podcast offers insights into different areas and features star guests from a wide variety of industries. Freelancers can gain valuable lessons and learn tactics on how to run their business.

5. Being Freelance

Being Freelance is perfect for creative freelancers and freelancers and covers a variety of practical and interesting topics. Hosted by Steve Holland, this podcast is a great source of insightful stories and advice and gives freelancers a glimpse into the lives of other freelancers.

It can help freelancers learn from the mistakes they’ve made, and it can help them navigate and grow their own business.

6. Unemployable

This podcast is created specifically by freelancers for freelancers and is hosted by Brian Clark. Although it covers a variety of topics, it focuses primarily on providing practical strategies.

It teaches freelancers specific skills, some of which include creating a WordPress site and being persuasive, and also features an interesting guest list.

7. Freelance Jumpstart

Freelance Jumpstart is perfect for freelancers and freelancers looking for results-driven tools and strategies that can help grow their business. Host Nathan Allotey provides listeners with insights and perspectives on running a successful business.

The podcast is available in audio and video format and covers not only the business of freelancing but also digital marketing.

8. The Freelance Hustle

Wedding photographer Alisha Tova hosts this offbeat weekly podcast to talk about her own personal stories as a freelancer, as well as stories about fellow scammers.

Freelancers just starting out or currently on their creative journeys can benefit greatly from this podcast.

9. The Freelance Podcast

Last but not least, we are going to give an honorable mention to a podcast that unfortunately no longer has any new episodes. But The Freelance Podcast is still a great source of information, especially for new freelancers or anyone thinking of taking the plunge. For all those beginners who are still hesitating, the 35 minute episodes of this podcast can help you make the final decision.