What cities do US millionaires live in?

What cities do US millionaires live in?

According to a study carried out by Henley Global Citizens Report, it was analyzed in which cities in the United States people with more money are found. In Globe Live Media we tell you

When we think of people with a lot of money, those most famous names probably come to mind, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, even the late Steve Jobs. They have been some of the most popular, but they are not the only millionaires living in the United States. A recent report, produced by the Henley Global Citizens Report by residency and citizenship advisory firm Henley & Partners, determined the 20 cities that are home to the most millionaires and deserve the title of “ the richest cities in the world.

To determine the ranking, they analyzed data from New World Wealth, a wealth intelligence firm that tracks 150,000 of the world’s richest people and property records. Of these cities, 7 are in the United States, and in Globe Live Media we are going to tell you which ones they are. Do you live in one of them? We tell you.

1.- New York, New York

It is the city with the most money in the world. According to the report, it has more than 345,000 people who have more than $1 million, including 737 centi-millionaires and 59 billionaires.

2.- San Francisco, California

Within this territory all the wealth of Silicon Valley is included, an area where important companies are located worldwide. According to the report, in San Francisco there are more than 276,000 people with assets of more than $1 million, of which more than 600 are worth $100 million or more and 62 are billionaires.

3.- Malibu, California

The report links Malibu, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach to the Los Angeles area as well. According to the report, there are 34 billionaires and around 8,600 billionaires in the area.

4.- Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the sixth richest city in the world and the fourth in the United States. It includes famous and well-heeled ZIP codes like the popular 90210. Median home prices in the area hover in the $1 million range.

5.- Chicago, Illinois

More than 160,000 millionaires live in the Chicago area. Some 7,400 are billionaires.

6.- Houston, Texas

According to the report, more than 132,000 people with at least $1 million in investable assets live in Texas, and nearly 6,600 of those are billionaires.

7.- Fort Worth, Texas

According to the report, more than 92,000 people with investable assets of $1 million or more live in this area, in addition, 18 people have been found to be billionaires and more than 200 are hundred millionaires.