It may seem like a complicated task due to the type of material and how delicate it is; however, it is much easier than you imagine and in this note you will see it.

The wood it is the universal material par excellence and integrates perfectly with different architectural styles. It is for this reason that it is common to see doors and windows made of this porous and fibrous structural fabric in many homes, but sometimes you find yourself with a terrifying panorama when they are dirty. In this sense, from GLM we bring you some homemade tricks so that when you apply them they look like new.

Before revealing the tricks to clean up and disinfect wooden doors and windows, it is necessary to make some points clear, such as destroying dust and dirt before applying the tricks.

For this you will need a soft cloth so that it does not scratch the wood before putting into practice the home remedies, which have been proven so that you do not need to call an expert.

Tricks to clean wooden doors and windows

Here we share some tips for you to leave the wooden doors and windows of your house impeccable:

  • With olive oil and white vinegar: We all know the properties of olive oil and white vinegar in cleaning the home. In this case, the mixture is an excellent remedy to hydrate, enhance the shine and improve the appearance of the wood. You will need a glass of olive oil, preferably virgin, a glass of vinegar and a cotton cloth. Pour the oil and vinegar into a basin, then stir the liquid with the help of a spoon. Subsequently, soak the cotton cloth in the mixture and drain it. Immediately afterwards, rub it very carefully on the wooden doors and windows. Finally, pass another clean cotton cloth and that will be it.
  • With water and ammonia: This home remedy is very simple and does not need further explanation. You will only need a glass of ammonia and 2 glasses of water. The first step will be to mix the water with the ammonia. Then, dip the cotton cloth into the liquid. Everything good up to that point? We continue. Drain so that it does not drip and use it to clean wooden doors and windows. Finally, wipe it with a clean cloth to dry it and if you want it to look brighter you can use a commercial product.

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