This is what people Googled in 2021

This is what people Googled in 2021

Although searches related to the coronavirus were present in 2021, especially when it comes to looking for the origin of vaccines and a place to get a test, Google’s “Year in Searches” this year seems to have returned to “normal. “with questions like:” What is bitcoin? “,” Where was Luis Miguel born? ” and “Where is my stimulus?”, among the most performed by Hispanics in the United States.

Like every year, Google released a list that offers a look at the events that occurred this year and trends in categories such as entertainment, series, movies and food. In the latter, the birria tacos (under the English term “Birria tacos”) were the most sought after Mexican gastronomic delight worldwide.

Here’s what the highlight of the year was, based on what users searched on Google.

The news that broke borders

Globally the news category was led by Afghanistan, as the departure of the last American soldier from Kabul in late August marked the end of the war in Afghanistan. A 20-year war saw heavy fighting between the United States and its allies, and members of the Taliban movement, who regained power.

In this same category, curiosity about cryptocurrencies was noticed, specifically searches related to dogecoin and ethereum. And two years after the first case of covid-19 was detected in the world, the term “covid” continues to be popular, as well as searches related to vaccines against covid-19 and the stimulus check for the coronavirus.

Another event that impacted the world was Hurricane Ida. This natural phenomenon made landfall in the United States as a Category 4 hurricane, causing death and destruction in several cities in the United States.

Drones show the destruction left by Hurricane Ida 1:02

People who gave what to talk about

As for the people who got our attention this year, there is actor Alec Baldwin, who while rehearsing a scene during the filming of “Rust” fired a prop gun that accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography.

Other names that stand out on the “Year in Searches” list is Kyle Rittenhouse; Olympian Simon Biles; the president of the United States, Joe Biden and the comedian, Pete Davison.

Baldwin and Davison are also among the Most Wanted Actors of 2021, along with Indian actor Aryan Khan; the controversial actress, Gina Carano who was fired from “The Mandalorian” for her offensive publications and the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas who is in poor health.

The deaths that shocked the world

Among the most important losses this year, according to Google searches worldwide, highlights the death of rapper DMX, the murder of the young Gabby Petito, the tragic death of the Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça, the death of Prince Felipe, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the suicide of Brian Laundrie.

The most popular in the entertainment world

“Squid Game”, the popular South Korean drama series known as “The Squid Game” in Latin America, captivated audiences around the world for what was positioned as the most sought after series worldwide, followed by “Bridgerton”, “WandaVision “,” Cobra Kai “and” Loki “.

In terms of movies, 2021 seems like a great year for Disney.

“Eternals” leads the list of Google searches worldwide, followed by “Black Widow”, “Dune”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and Red Notice. “As for the films most searched by In the US Hispanic community, the horror film “The Unholy” takes first place, followed by “La Civil”, “Run”, “Red Notice” and “Fast & Furious 9”.

The most asked in Google

One of the most curious sections of Google’s “Year in Searches” is the questions most asked by people during the year. These are the most common doubts that the Hispanic community in the United States tried to solve in Google in this 2021:

1.- What is bitcoin?
2.- What is heterosexual?
3.- What is euthanasia?
4.- What is Guillain-Barré syndrome?
5.- What is sancocho?
6.- What is pansexual?
7.- What is a thrombosis?
8.- What is greed?
9.- What is prostration?
10.- What is encephalitis?

1.- How to vote in “The house of the famous”?
2.- How can I track my stimulus check?
3.- What is the name of Thor’s hammer?
4.- How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?
5.- How did Chalino Sánchez die?
6.- How to invest in the stock market?
7.- How did Octavio Ocaña die?
8.- How to lower cholesterol?
9.- How to sell on Amazon?
10.- How to invest in Bitcoin?

1.- Where is my stimulus?
2.- Where does vanilla come from?
3.- Where is my 2021 refund?
4.- Where is Euro 2021 played?
5.- Where can I do the covid test?
6.- Where are the Taliban from?
7.- Where is the Pfizer vaccine from?
8.- Where is the Moderna vaccine from?
9.- Where was Luis Miguel born?
10.- Where is Camilo from?

1.- Who won Miss Universe 2021?
2.- Who won the elections in Peru?
3.- Who won the Super Bowl 2021?
4.- Who won the 2021 Gold Cup?
5.- Who won the Copa América 2021?
6.- Who won the Exatlon USA 2021?
7.- Who won Nuestra Belleza Latina?
8.- Who won in Georgia?
9.- Who is Tilin?
10.- Who won “La Casa de los Famosos”?

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